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Access Array™ System
The Access Array System is the first high-throughput, target-enrichment system designed to work with all of the major next-generat...

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C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System
The C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System takes an entirely new approach, base on innovative microfluidic technology that enables you...

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TOPAZ Database Suite
The TOPAZ® Database Suite — through the Experiment Manager™ interface — allows easy access to and management of information for the entire ...

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TOPAZ Protein Crystallization System
The TOPAZ® system provides an integrated solution for protein crystallization based on free interface diffusion (FID). The instrumentation ...

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TOPAZ NanoFlex IFC Controller
The NanoFlex IFC Controller accepts as many as four TOPAZ chips at a time and can be run in asynchronous or group mode. After pipetting sam...

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Company Profile

Fluidigm develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) systems that significantly improve productivity for life science applications such as gene expression profiling, high-throughput SNP genotyping, singe cell/stem cell analysis, digital PCR, LOH and CNV analysis, mutation detection, and next gen sequencing. Fluidigm?? IFCs enable the simultaneous performance of thousands of sophisticated biochemical measurements in nanoliter volumes. These ??ntegrated circuits for biology??miniaturize and integrate liquid handling components on a single microfabricated device. Fluidigm?? IFC systems, consisting of instrumentation, software and single-use IFCs, increase throughput, decrease costs and enhance sensitivity compared to conventional laboratory systems. Fluidigm products have not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use as a diagnostic and are only available for research use.