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Farfield Scientific Limited, a Farfield Group company, is an innovator and global supplier of new analytical instruments that address the emerging and evolving measurement demands of the Biophysics and Nanotechnology communities. Biophysics and Nanotechnology provide the most demanding measurement challenges facing research over the next decade.

In Biophysics, Farfield’s proprietary technology is the first that is capable of revealing the intimate and complex relationship between structural change and function in biological molecules in real time, at market-leading levels of sensitivity and resolution. Application areas include biophysical characterisation, structural and functional proteomics, biomolecular interaction studies, drug discovery, diagnostic development and biopharmaceutical analysis.

In Nanotechnology, Farfield develops and markets metrology solutions to the physical scientist, providing unique insights into the structural and functional behaviour of biomolecules, polymers and fine chemicals on a range of surfaces relevant to FMCG industries Applications also include detailed characterisation of the molecular behaviour of biofilms and biocompatible surfaces, again at market-leading levels of sensitivity and resolution.

Since being founded in 1997, Farfield’s philosophy of innovation and analytical excellence has created a portfolio of scientific instruments based on quantifiable measurement and rigorous verification rooted in a thorough understanding of the principles of scientific measurement. This philosophy has won Farfield many international awards and support throughout the global research community. Farfield are committed to pursuing the ultimate in measurement at a sub-atomic scale, illuminating the molecular world.

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