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A low volume electrochemical cell optimized for the low flow rates of electrospray ...

Coulometric Electrochemical Cells- The Key to Enhanced Selectivity Coulo...

Coulochem® III Electrochemical Detection Platform Both Coulometric and Ampe...

Double-beam, variable wavelength capability Programmable wavelengths: 190 - 9...

For Identification and Measurement of Physiologically Relevant Small Molecules ...

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ESA provides the highest performing specialty detectors for HPLC, UHPLC and EC-MS applications. Introducing the Corona® ultra™ the new charged aerosol detector that is now truly UHPLC compatible and suited for diverse applications from small molecules and carbohydrates to lipids and polymers. The Corona ultra delivers reduced time for method development, increased throughput and approximately 5 times lower solvent consumption. The Corona CAD® continues to be the proven workhorse for Pharma QC. ESA is the leader in Electrochemical Detection for HPLC with the Coulochem® III and CoulArray® detectors which deliver superior bio-analytical detection capabilities. ESA electrochemical technologies have been adapted for use with mass spec as a tool for drug development and metabolism. ESA offers a complete line of HPLC systems, advanced specialty detectors, specialized LC components, innovative software products, reagents, expert technical assistance and analysis services.

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