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Amp'd™ ELISA Signal Amplification K...
Amp'd™ ELISA Signal Amplification Kit provides up to 50-fold increase in sensitivity over traditional ELISAs while detecting lowe...

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First-to-market, sensitive ELISA kit to quantify APP ΔC31, an important amyloid precursor protein fragment with a unique pro-apop...

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KIM-1 (Human) ELISA Kit
Ultra sensitive (1.2 pg/ml) ELISA kit, enabling reduced input sample and matrix interference, for the quantification of KIM-1, an early bi...

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Inhibitor of the JNK/p38 pathways. Inhibits anisomycin-induced but not TNF-induced JNK/p38 activation. Potent protein kinase inhibitor. A...

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CGH labeling kit for oligo arrays
Comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) is a powerful diagnostic tool for detecting DNA copy number gains and losses associated with chrom...

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Company Profile

Enzo Life Sciences is a recognized leader in technologies for cellular analysis, assay development, molecular biology, and proteostasis. Our diverse portfolio of fluorescent labels & dyes, ELISA and enzyme activity assays, biochemicals, antibodies, and proteins serves the life sciences research, drug discovery & development, and clinical research markets. Our products facilitate discovery in cancer, neuroscience, cellular stress, immunology, screening and lead identification, toxicology, bioprocess optimization, and clinical diagnostics.

We are scientists enabling scientists™. For over 30 years, Enzo Life Sciences has been providing the life sciences market with a unique array of fluorescent probes, dyes, and labeling systems for molecular biology and cellular analysis. Our acquisition of ALEXIS® Biochemicals, BIOMOL® International, Assay Designs® and Stressgen® Bioreagents has incorporated the skills and scientific expertise of these industry-established providers of bioreagents, chemicals, and assay kits.

Enzo Life Sciences now offers a diverse portfolio of over 9000 products and services including: more than 300 immunoassay and enzyme activity assays for biomarker quantification and compound screening; compound libraries composed from our collection of over 3500 chemical compounds including FDA approved drugs, known bioactives, natural products, and pathway-targeted collections; a broad portfolio of innovative CELLestial® assay kits for live cell analysis, including kits for early assessment of in vitro cytotoxicity and ProteoStat® dyes for detection of protein aggregates; robust array cGH labeling kits for detecting DNA copy number gains and losses; and custom services, featuring contract assay development backed by our assay development and manufacturing expertise and world class reagents.