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The Microlab 400 is one of the most advanced semi-automated clinical chemistry syst...

ELITe InGenius is the first sample-to-result solution, integrating sample preparati...

The Eon® 100 is a fully automated bench-top chemistry system, which combines a smal...

Automated Gram staining system that provides rapid, standardized results for all typ...

The Envoy 500+ by Vital Diagnostics performs approximately 500 tests per hour,...

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Company Profile

ELITechGroup is a privately held company.

ELITechGroup is a leading provider bringing high-value diagnostic solutions to laboratories that are closer to the patient.

• We lead in the niche markets we are addressing (molecular diagnostics market for transplant pathogens, n°2 installed base in benchtop Clinical Chemistry in the US, world leader in Cystic Fibrosis, world leader in Mycoplasma, world leader in yearly placements of Clinical Chemistry benchtop analyzers…)

• We are bringing high-value diagnostic solutions through our know-how and innovation which are recognized by large IVD players through OEM and licensing agreements (Siemens, bioMérieux, QIAGEN, Life Technologies, …)

• We are addressing laboratories that provide a service closer to the patient (Physician Office Labs, smaller “BenchTop” laboratories Worldwide, transplant laboratories dedicated to specific patients, sweat testing in Cystic Fibrosis Centers and Clinics, simple single-use Mycoplasma kits, mini-sed rate tests for small labs).

Our markets are underserved by the largest Diagnostic Industry players. Given the World-wide trend to put more emphasis on service quality and patient experience in Primary Care serving Labs that provide service closer to the patient, positions the ELITech Group for growth.

Our corporate offices are located in Puteaux (France) and we support various businesses across the globe, have sales offices throughout the world (U.S, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, Australia and New Zealand), manufacturing facilities in the U.S, France, Italy and the Netherlands, and serve customers in more than 100 countries, over 6 continents. Thanks to a powerful distribution network, ELITechGroup has become a major player in the international diagnostics market.

ELITechGroup supplies laboratories closer to the patients wherever they are and enables healthcare providers to deliver better patient management.

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