The products developed and distributed by the Diasorin Group are designed specifically for clinical diagnostics applications. They are used by diagnostic laboratories that are part of hospital facilities or operate independently (private diagnostic services laboratories). For the most part, they help physicians in diagnosing different diseases (diagnostic benefit), determining the progress of a disease (prognostic benefit) and assessing the effectiveness of a drug treatment (monitoring benefit).

The market for in vitro diagnostics comprises the following product categories, each of which requires different support technologies:
infectious Immunology;
clinical chemistry;
hematology, Histology, Cytology;
genetic Testing.

Within the in vitro diagnostics segment, the Diasorin Group specializes in developing, producing and distributing immunodiagnostics products, which comprises the immunochemistry and infectious immunology product categories.

The DiaSorin LIAISON® XL 1,25 Dihydroxyvitamin D is an in vitro chemiluminescent immu...

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