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ChIPettor™ System
The ChIPettor™ System has everything you need for high-quality, fast, and easy chromatin immunoprecipitation for either histones ...

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Bioruptor® Plus
The Bioruptor® uses a unique system to uniformely process multiple samples in sealed tubes of 0.5 ml to 50 ml capacity. An excell...

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CRISPR/Cas9 Monoclonal Antibody
A breakthrough in genome engineering. The CRISPR/Cas9 (CRISPR-associated protein 9 nuclease) system uses a RNA-guided endonuclease tec...

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iDeal Library Preparation Kit
The iDeal Library Preparation Kit reliably converts DNA into indexed libraries for next-generation sequencing, with input amounts down to...

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High Resolution ChIP-seq Library Pr...
Diagenode's High Resolution Library Preparation Kit significantly enhances the resolution of transcription factor binding sites to single...

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Company Profile

Diagenode is an international life sciences company that develops and commercializes innovative instruments and reagents systems for life science research and molecular diagnostics. Founded in 2003 in Liège (Belgium), Diagenode is a global company, with headquarters in Liege, Belgium and Sparta, NJ, USA. Diagenode also has a local sales office in the United Kingdom to better serve this specific country. Diagenode technologies and products can also be purchased through an extensive dealer network.

Diagenode specializes in serving two fast growing markets:
1. Epigenetics research
2. Molecular diagnostics.

Development of Solutions

Diagenode’s main focus is to develop innovative epigenetic solutions for the life science research market. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge products that advance research in the rapidly evolving field of epigenetics. The company actively develops and markets a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary products that offers complete solutions for epigenetics-related research. Diagenode’s Bioruptor® Sonicator is a best-in-class instrument series which provides unrivaled performance, durability, and value for shearing a wide spectrum of biological samples. Diagenode also specializes in offering a complete range of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and DNA methylation products. The latest addition to the range of innovative products is the SX-8G IP-Star® Automated System. The SX-8G IP-Star Automated Sytem represents the first complete system to automate ChIP and DNA methylation assays.


The field of human disease diagnostics is also changing and growing at a rapid rate. Diagenode offers amplification and quantification methods for DNA targets of human infectious disease. The company also provides guidance to diagnostics companies developing epigenetics-based diagnostics. Our products are designed to make diagnostic assays simpler, faster, and more convenient, with the highest levels of quality. Our kits are CE-marked and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.