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Definiens Tissue Studio® 3
Definiens Tissue Studio 3 is the solution of choice for biomarker and morphological profiling in translational research. It is ea...

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Definiens Image Miner®
Definiens Image Miner® integrates data mining with image analysis to accelarate research and development in life sciences. Im...

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Definiens Developer XD™
Definiens Developer XD™ - The most powerful development environment for automated image analysis. Definiens Developer XD enables the d...

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Definiens Architect XD™
Definiens Architect XD™ enables non-technical users to configure, calibrate, and execute image analysis workflows with great versatility. ...

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Definiens Server XD™
Definiens Server XD™ is a processing component that allows the batch processing of image analysis jobs. It is hugely scalable and cap...

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Company Profile

Definiens is the leading provider of image analysis and data mining solutions for quantitative digital pathology in the life sciences, diagnostic biomarkers and healthcare industries. Definiens software provides detailed readouts from whole tissue slides, cell-based assays and full body scans and allows correlating this information with data derived from other sources. By automating analysis workflows, Definiens helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutions, clinical service organizations and pathologists to generate new knowledge and supports better decisions in research, diagnostics and therapy. Definiens’ vision is to open new fields of research, to contribute to development of personalized medicine and to significantly improve the quality of patients’ lives.

Definiens’ software frees clinicians and scientists from poring over images, enabling them to focus on the critical work of investigation and interpretation:

  • Clinicians can provide more accurate and informed patient care based on highly detailed and rich analysis of tissue slides or full body scans.
  • Scientists can run any size of study and correlate the image data with other types of information, such as experimental conditions or patient outcomes. This allows them to understand the mechanisms of disease, validate targets, identify relevant biomarkers and open new avenues of research.

As the amount of image data grows exponentially, automation of image and data analysis is the only way to reduce the information bottleneck. Definiens’ revolutionary technology provides unprecedented accuracy in identifying and quantifying biological attributes within images and turning them into knowledge.

Definiens is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has a North American office in Carlsbad, California.