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Copley Scientific was founded by Frank Copley in 1946 to manufacture and supply laboratory equipment and glassware to the pharmaceutical industry. The company has been based in Nottingham, UK, since this time.

In 1957 Copley Scientific began to focus on test equipment for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. As a result we have built up a wealth of experience in supplying and supporting such equipment and systems in the UK and abroad. As part of our rapid expansion Copley Scientific is now responsible for the manufacture and supply of its own innovative range of tablet dissolution, disintegration, friability and hardness testers, in addition to test equipment for creams, ointments, powders, suppositories and transdermal patches, to the global marketplace.

Whilst still operating as family owned company, Copley Scientific has continued to expand and increase its range of products and services. During the 1980s the glassware division was divested in order to focus on the core elements of the business.

During the 1990s Copley Scientific began developing a new range of inhaler test equipment to meet the growing demand for drugs delivered to the respiratory tract. We are now recognised as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of inhaler test equipment, with a broad range of equipment, software and services to meet the requirements of inhaled drug development, for both topical and systemic applications.

Since the formation in 2000 of a strategic partnership with MSP Corporation, a US based company that specialises in aerosol particle science, we have been able to offer the full range of USP and Ph. Eur. specified cascade impactors for the aerodynamic particle size measurement of inhaled drugs. Furthermore, since 2006, we have been MSP's exclusive European distributor for their range of air sampling and aerosol characterisation products, making Copley Scientific a major supplier of research grade aerosol analysis equipment in Europe.

In 2003 we proudly opened a new sales and service company in Switzerland, to assist in supporting our increasing number of customers on the European continent. This was followed in 2005 by the relocation of Copley Scientific's UK based headquarters to a new, larger, purpose-built facility in Nottingham.

Copley Scientific also works closely with a number of specialist distributors, to ensure that our broad range of products is supplied and supported around the world.

The combination of both experience and flexibility within the industries we support, ensures that Copley Scientific continues to provide innovative, high quality solutions to our customers, well into the future.

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