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CLC Genomics Workbench
Dominating the high-throughput sequencing data analysis challenge We have overcome the challenge to analyze high-throughput sequ...

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CLC RNA Workbench Software
With the all new CLC RNA Workbench, CLC bio brings you complex analysis of RNA molecules in a fully integrated, user-friendly and...

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CLC Bioinformatics Cube
Hardware-accelerated bioinformatics CLC Bioinformatics Cube is built on cutting edge technology and innovative design, which will change...

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CLC bio presents its new software module for Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST). MLST is a portable and precise state-of-the-art technique f...

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CLC Combined Workbench Software
CLC Combined Workbench includes all features and functions of CLC Free Workbench, CLC Protein Workbench, and CLC Gene Workbench.   The prog...

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Company Profile

CLC bio - Bioinformatics solutions

CLC bio focuses on the development of bioinformatics software, data analysis, and specialized bioinformatics algorithms.

To ensure that our customers receive the best solutions, we continuously expand our knowledge base by researching in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, mathematics, statistics, and computer science.