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Q-Adept Quaternary HPLC System
Q-Adept the new HPLC low pressure mixing gradient HPLC system from Cecil Instruments, offers ultimate gradient performance with d...

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IonQuest Ion Chromatography
Using their forty years experience in HPLC, Cecil Instruments present IonQuest Ion Chromatography Systems. The newly develope...

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Cecil Aquarius CE 7400 / 7500
Variable or Fixed Bandwidth The two Aquarius spectrophotometers offer very high performance with fixed optical bandwidth of less than ...

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AutoQuest LC Autosamplers
The elegantly effective AutoQuest autosamplers are specially designed for use with the Cecil Adept HPLC, Q-Adept HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chro...

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WaveQuest HPLC Detector
The Adept CE 4300, or WaveQuest is an UV/Vis HPLC detector of the highest specification and versatility covering the range 190 -700 nm with...

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Company Profile

Cecil Instruments are leading designers and manufacturers of HPLC systems, Ion Chromatography systems and UV/Visible Spectrophotometers.

Cecil Instruments' Adept, Q-Adept and Merit ranges of modular HPLC and IonQuest modular Ion Chromatography systems may be configured to suit individual laboratory requirements, in isocratic, binary, ternary or quaternary gradient modes.

A wide range of detectors including the revolutionary, ultra-fast scanning UV/Visible WaveQuest, UV/Visible, conductivity, refractive index, electrochemical, and fluorescence, may be incorporated into systems and controlled by the Windows based PowerStream chromatography management system.

Spectrophotometers are available for a wide range of industry specific applications, for example, water analysis, food and beverage analysis, DNA and RNA analysis, life science and molecular biology related methods and reflectance measurements.

A wide range of pharmaceutical applications including complete tablet dissolution systems using either single beam or double beam spectrophotometers and tablet dissolution baths are available.