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Axio Examiner
The upright microscope for your demanding patch clamp experiments Axio Examiner is a fixed stage microscope for examination...

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Axio Observer for Life Sciences
Your research platform for gentle imaging of living cells Gain accurate and reliable knowledge about living cells with your Ax...

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LSM 700 for Life Sciences
LSM 700 rivals high end confocals with superb image quality Perform fluorescence measurements, create optical sections of your samples ...

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Colibri.2 The LED Light Source for Fluorescence Microscopy that is Gentle on Your Samples With the Colibri.2 choose out of 13 LEDs to c...

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Primo Vert is your compact cell culture microscope Primo Vert is designed for your cell culture – a compact microscope that combines...

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Company Profile

Throughout the world, ZEISS stands for the highest quality and reliability. The Microscopy business group at ZEISS is the world's only one-stop manufacturer of light, X-ray and electron microscopes. It offers tailor-made widefield, confocal, X-ray and electron microscope systems for 3D imaging in biomedical research, life sciences and healthcare. A dedicated and well-trained sales force, an extensive support infrastructure and a responsive service team enable customers to use their ZEISS microscope systems to their full potential. The Microscopy business group is headquartered in Oberkochen. Additional production and development sites are located in Oberkochen, Göttingen and Munich, as well as in Cambridge in the UK, in Peabody, MA and Pleasanton, CA in the USA. The business group has around 3,000 employees. It generated revenue of 629 million euros in fiscal year 2012/13.