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Academic Benchtop NMR Spectrometer
The NMReady™ is the quick easy to use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer. All-in-one, it has a built-in touchscreen with an easy ...

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MWave 5000 Microwave Synthesis Syst...
The MWave-5000 multifunctional microwave is truly a robust system. The 5000 Integrates microwave synthesis, distillation,concentration, pre...

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HTA-3100 15 position GC Auto sampler
The 3100 Auto sampler is a 15 position liquid auto sampler that can inject into one or two injection ports sequentially. The 3100 also has...

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Mudlogging Gas Chromatograph
The Mudlogging GC system is designed to provide a continuous reading of total hydrocarbons in a gas stream while periodically performing a...

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Buck HC-404 Total Hydrocarbon Analy...
The Model HC-404 is a self contained, fixed wavelength infrared analyzer designed for rapid accurate analysis of total petroleum hydrocar...

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Company Profile

Buck Scientific Inc. was founded in 1970 to provide third party field service for Perkin Elmer Instruments. During the next 14 years, Buck Scientific grew to include remanufactured instrumentation and representation of the Foxboro, Hitachi, Horiba, and GBC product lines. During this period, we also developed a line of price-competitive spectroscopy supplies for AA, IR, and UV instrumentation. In 1985, Buck Scientific acquired Lightpath Optical Company in England, a manufacturer of glass and quartz cuvettes.

Today, Buck Scientific offers a wide variety of new analytical instruments and supplies. We have grown into a multinational corporation with distributors in over 40 countries. We have established a reputation for affordable products with excellent analytical capabilities.