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Highest performance AFM-Raman system, now with Bruker's exclusive high-contrast IRIS TERS probes. Bruker’s Innova-IRIS (Integ...

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Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confoca...
Superior integration of confocal imaging and photoactivation for biology applications. The Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confoc...

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QUANTAX Micro-XRF with Xtrace - Upgrading SEMs for Trace Element Analysis QUANTAX Micro-XRF with the XTrace micro-spot X-ray sour...

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QUANTAX WDS with XSense - Ultra-Sensitive Wavelength-Dispersive Spectrometry for SEM QUANTAX WDS features the compact XSense spectrome...

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Dimension Edge™ AFM platform
Atomic Force Microscopy for Patterned Sapphire Substrates Delivering advanced automated metrology and production capabilities with supe...

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Bruker offers world-leading AFMs for bioscience research, including the BioScope Catalyst for combined AFM/light microscopy and nanomechanics studies, and the FastScan Bio for high-speed imaging of dynamic biological events. We also provide a suite of advanced fluorescence microscopy systems. The Ultima two-photon microscope enables advanced brain slice and intra-vital studies deep into tissues, and the new Opterra swept field multipoint scanning confocal fluorescence microscope enables high-speed, live cell imaging. Whatever your life science application, Bruker has a high-performance solution that can expand your research. Visit for more information.