Brookfield, a business unit of AMETEK Inc, is the world leader in viscosity measurement and control of liquids and semi-solids for 80+ years!    We manufacture and distribute globally viscometers the AST 100 for advance sensor technology for simple, direct in-line viscosity measurement, DV2T Touch Screen with temperature measurement, rheometers DV3T for measuring yield stress and viscosity, RST Controlled Stress for challenging rheological measurements, CT3 Texture Analyzers which features compression and tension mode for measuring firmness, springiness and chewiness and PFT Powder Flow Testers which measure yield stress and viscosity flow index and arching dimension used in R&D, QC and inline applications for rheological fluid analysis, tension and compression and powder flow analysis.  Markets include:  food cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, personal care products, adhesives, printing, inks & coatings, paper coatings, chemicals, packaging, plastics, construction materials, and asphalt.

AMETEK Brookfield offers the following services to its customers:

  • Educational Programs
  • Viscosity Testing Services
  • Methodology Consulting Service
  • Calibration & Certification
  • On-site Repair, Calibration & Certification

The CT3 Texture Analyzer is a low cost, but powerful, universal testing machine that...

  Powder Flow Tester for quick and easy powder flow analysis   The ...

The Brookfield KU-3 Viscometer which is ideal for measurement of paints, coatings, ...

The RST Series of touch screen rheometers represent the best that AMETEK Brookfield ...

Model A Lab Stand For the Dial and DV-E Viscometers All standard viscometer...

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