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Dispensette® III Bottletop Dispense...
BRAND's Dispensette® III bottletop dispensers from BrandTech Scientific are the third generation of a precision liquid dispensin...

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Transferpette® S
The Transferpette®  S  from BrandTech Scientific offers robust yet lightweight construction, superior autoclavability, simple on...

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BRAND accu-jet® pro Pipette Control...
Precise meniscus control… BRAND accu-jet® pro pipette controller The BRAND accu-jet® pro features advanced speed control to end menisc...

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HandyStep® electronic Repeating Pip...
The HandyStep® electronic Repeating Pipette from BRAND adds ergonomics and ease-of-use to repeat pipetting. The BrandTech HandyStep e...

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Transferpette® S -8/-12 Multichanne...
The Transferpette® S -8/-12 multichannel pipette from BrandTech Scientific is the perfect manual pipette for demanding laboratory applica...

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Company Profile

BrandTech Scientific

BrandTech offer a complete line of laboratory tools and equipment including:

  • BRAND? liquid handling products;
  • VACUUBRAND? oil free, chemistry resistant vacuum pumps; 
  • VITLAB? volumetric and general plastic labware and
  • BOCHEM? stainless steel laboratory support jacks.

Featured products produced by BrandTech Scientific include:

  • Transferpette? single, multichannel, manual and electronic pipettes;
  • HandyStep? Repeating pipettes;
  • Accuject Dispensette? III bottletop dispensers; PCR tubes, strips and plates; disposable UV-Cuvettes for DNA/RNA;
  • BRAND plate multi-well plates available untreated and treated for immunology and cell culture applications;
  • VITLAB? PFA plastics for trace analysis and Class A Volumetric plastic labware;
  • VACUUBRAND? Vario-vacuum systems for automated control of chemistry applications.