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PRESSURE+ Positive Pressure Manifold
Biotage® PRESSURE+ manifolds deliver positive pressure, parallel processing for 96 well plates, 1 mL 3 mL and 6 mL column form...

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RapidTrace®+ SPE Workstation
The Biotage RapidTrace+ delivers advanced processing and the rapid development of rugged sample preparation methods. It is extreme...

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Initiator+ SP Wave
The Biotage® Initiator+ SP Wave is a programmable synthesis system that can be configured to perform either microwave assisted peptide ...

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Isolera, a compact flash purification system with intelligent features, enables chemists to easily achieve better separations. The patented...

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Initiator+ Microwave Synthesizer
The Biotage® Initiator+ represents a new generation of instruments for organic, medicinal, materials, nano and polymer chemistry profession...

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Company Profile

Biotage is a leading global supplier of instruments and consumables for medicinal chemistry. The company is also a well-established supplier of products in analytical chemistry and peptide chemistry. Biotage products range from discovery through clinical trials and large-scale productions. We offer application expertise and personal customer support, customizing solutions to meet the needs of customers. Biotage continues to provide new and innovative tools to meet today’s research and development challenges.