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MDx1500 – qPCR Automation
RT-qPCR analysis of genomic and genetic samples has become a standard in genetic research and diagnostics. With the increased usa...

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BioJet Ultra Piezo System
BioJet Ultra Piezo System is a non-contact liquid handling and spotting system utilizing a proprietary drop on demand technology...

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BioJet Plus Non-Contact Dispensing
BioJet Plus is a quantitative, non contact dispensing technology that is based on a high resolution modified ink jet printer. The patente...

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BioJet™ Elite
The BioJet™ Elite technology, evolves from the BioJet technology, allowing it to dispense quantitatively in a “Step-and-Repeat” mode,...

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CellWriter Automated Dispensing Sys...
The CellWriter™ 140, 480, and 960 represent a family of robotic workstations that produce slides for both Karyotyping and FISH. By integr...

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Company Profile

BioDot aims to become the principle supplier of sub-microliter dispense systems (for the manufacture of micro-array and microfluidic devices) to Molecular Diagnostics, Theranostics and other emerging markets. This is driven by on-going technology development programs delivering Dispensing Innovation products like BioJet Plus. This unique non-contact nanoliter dispenser delivers genuine on the fly deposition of small drop volumes for high throughput production of Biosensors, BioChips and Protein/Cell arrays.

BioDot is already established as world leader in the supply of equipment and technology for the development and manufacture of membrane Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Biosensors.

BioDot enables, inspires, and educates scientists to commercialize their ideas from R&D through to manufactured product.