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Providing gene discovery solutions for over 10 years.

We are the resource for all of your BAC and cDNA library needs. Bio S&T is located in Montreal, Canada and is dedicated to providing services to research laboratories in universities, research institutes and R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

We would like to welcome our new clients and thank our current clients for their confidence, loyalty and support of Bio S&T.

Your BAC and cDNA custom library experts.

We have a solid scientific team led by outstanding, experienced scientists with specialized skills in different fields of biotechnology.

We provide top-notch R&D technical services and gene discovery solutions: BAC, fosmid, cosmid, lambda and plasmid library construction; BAC library screening; cDNA for 454 and next generation sequencing; APA genome walking services and retroviral research products.

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5020 Fairway Street, Suite 220, Montreal, Quebec, Canada,H8T 1B8
(514) 633-6006
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