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The BV200 automated multi-sampling plasma viscometer calculates the PV of sample...

The BV1 single sample plasma viscometer is ideal for the pathology laboratory looking...

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Benson Viscometers designs and manufactures the UK’s leading blood plasma viscometer.

There are over 60 Hospitals in the UK and Ireland using BV systems to screen and monitor patients with inflammatory conditions including those caused by Myeloma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Macroglobulinaemia and Polymyalgia Rheumatica.
More Laboratories are switiching to plasma viscosity tests as they are unaffected by patient anaemia and polycythaemia, unlike erythrocyte sedimentation. Moreover, patient monitoring is not influenced by drugs such as salicylates and steroids.

Plasma Viscosity results only improve with the arrest of the inflammatory process

The BV1 single sample plasma viscometer is ideal for the pathology laboratory or speciality clinic looking for immediate results on 1 to 50 plasma samples a day.
For the busy laboratory, the BV200  automated multi-sample plasma viscometer  has a load and walk away capacity from 1 to 180 patient samples

Viscometers of Choice for Monitoring all Inflammatory Conditions
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