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SPRIworks HT-High Throughput Sample...
Sample Prep Freedom for High Throughput Next Generation Sequencing Labs High throughput Biomek -based solution prepares up to ...

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AU5800 Clinical Chemistry System
AU5800 Clinical Chemistry System The Fastest AU Analyzer Ever. The AU5800 series is the newest addition to Beckman Coulter’...

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UniCel® DxI 800 Immunoassay System
The UniCel DxI 800 is the latest addition to Beckman Coulter’s family of immunoassay systems. The system processes up to 400 tests per ...

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UniCel® DxI 600 Access® Immunoassay...
UniCel(R) DxI 600 Access (R) Immunoassay System Why have 50 Reagent spaces on board? To provide the flexibility you want. With up to ...

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COULTER® Ac·T diff™ Analyzer
First-rate Performance and Value. Ac·T diff is an affordable, compact system that features the power of Beckman Coulter’s proven histo...

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Company Profile

Beckman Coulter, Inc., based in Orange County, California, develops, manufactures and markets products that simplify, automate and innovate complex biomedical tests. More than 200,000 Beckman Coulter systems operate in laboratories around the world, supplying critical information for improving patient health and reducing the cost of care. Recurring revenue, consisting of supplies, test kits, service and operating-type lease payments, represents approximately 78 percent of the company s 2007 annual revenue of $2.76 billion. For more information, visit