Aurora Biomed

Plates and columns for a complete automated solution. Aurora Biomed is proud to offer a line of...

High Throughput DNA and RNA Extraction Kits. Aurora Biomed 's nucleic acid isolation kits provi...

Stable ion channel screening cell lines. Aurora Biomed provides a wide variety of stable cell l...

Assay services for drug discovery and safety testing. Aurora Biomed offers ion channel screenin...

Flux assay automation for high-throughput screening. The ICR 8000 measures the flux of trace io...

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Aurora Biomed provides enabling technologies, assay services, and reagents for life sciences, drug discovery research, analytical chemistry, drug safety screening, and laboratory automation.

We are headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and have global sales, support, and service offices.

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1001, East Pender Street,
V6A 1W2,
British Columbia
+1 (604) 215 8700
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