Asylum Research is the technology leader in scanning probe/atomic force microscopy for materials and bioscience research with two main product lines — Cypher™ AFM and MFP-3D™ Family. Precision and accuracy has been the driving force behind the pioneering AFM innovations in flexure design, lowest-noise closed loop sensors, and full digital control.

Cypher, is the world's fastest and highest resolution AFM.
 Cypher provides low-drift, lowest noise, closed loop atomic point defect resolution for the most accurate images and measurements possible today, >20X faster AC imaging with small cantilevers, Spot-On™ automated laser and photodetector alignment for easy setup, and integrated thermal, acoustic and vibration control.

The MFP-3D sets the standard for AFM technology leadership for larger samples with unprecedented precision and flexibility. The MFP-3D is the first AFM with true independent piezo positioning in all three axes, combined with low noise, closed-loop feedback sensor technology, and numerous environmental accessories. Three models comprise the family: MFP-3D Stand Alone , MFP-3D-BIO™, and the MFP NanoIndenter.

All standard AFM/SPM scanning modes can be performed along with many exclusive,
advanced scanning modes for many different applications:
 Dual AC™, Electrical characterization (CAFM, EFM, SKPM)
, Electrochemical Strain Microscopy, Piezoresponse Force Microscopy, and new techniques for accurate, quantitative, nanomechanical characterization.

With over 300 years combined AFM experience, Asylum's scientists are here to support your research. Asylum's five year warranty, an industry best, ensures the lowest cost of ownership.
Please visit Asylum Research at Booth 104 at EMC, or see their website for more details on all of their AFM products and accessories.

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