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Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI), maker of the GenASIs advanced microscopy imaging platform is a leading developer and provider of comprehensive solutions for Pathology and Cytogenetic imaging, computer aided technology and data management. With its superior imaging and analysis capabilities, ASI provides state of the art diagnostic aids. Founded in 1993, ASI is a privately held company with offices in North America and Europe, along with a wide network of independent distributors throughout the world. ASI owns more 30 registered patents in the US, Europe, Japan and the rest of the world.

Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) is a leading developer and manufacturer of comprehensive solutions for cytogenetics and pathology imaging and data management needs. With our superior quality image capture (acquisition) capabilities, ASI provides state-of-the- art diagnostic aids. All solutions are integrated into the Laboratory Information System (LIS), which incorporates the Picture Archive Communication System (PACS).

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Applied Spectral Imaging, Inc., 5315 Avenida Encinas, Suite 150, Carlsbad, CA 92008
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