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Laser Flash Photolysis provides one of the most effective methods for studying by d...

The SX20 is used to study transient and pre-steady-state kinetics of fast, liquid-p...

Chirascan-plus brings dramatic performance gains that improve productivity and sens...

Chirascan is a powerful, modern circular dichroism (CD) spectrometer and thus a...

Chirascan™-plus ACD is an ultra-sensitive, high-speed, automated CD spectrometer. ...

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Applied Photophysics Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of precision spectrometers for the study of circular dichroism, stopped-flow kinetics and laser flash photolysis.

The company supplies the life-sciences community in both academic and commercial spheres with instruments that are used to study the structural, thermodynamic and kinetic properties in solution of a wide range of samples. The current main product range comprises the Chirascan circular dichroism spectrometer, the SX20 stopped-flow spectrometer and the LKS.60 laser flash photolysis spectrometer.

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