Andor Technology

Andor Technology is a leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy. The company develops and manufactures products that support global customers. Using Andor products these customers can break new ground by performing experiments that were previously considered impossible. Independently conducted customer research confirms that Andor's low light solutions are considered world beating.

Established in 1989, Andor's Corporate Headquarters are in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Operating in a global market, Andor's US Headquarters opened in Connecticut in 1997, with regional sales offices in Atlanta, Boston, Northern California, San Diego, and St. Louis. The most recently established office, opened in August 2000, is Andor Japan, based in Tokyo, to handle the company's Asia / Pacific Operations.

On 30 November 2004 Andor opened its new 50,000ft2 corporate headquarters. This new facility will allow Andor to continue its current growth in the industry.