AGTC Bioproducts Ltd

A G T C B i o p r o d u c t s

The AGTC Bioproducts web site is major site for the purchase of life science reagents and chemicals. It is also the home of National Diagnostics in Europe.

We supply:
Electrophoresis Reagents (acrylamide, agarose,buffers, dyes & stains etc)
Peptides (Fmoc amino acids, solvents, reagents and resins and a range of stock peptides)
Molecular biology reagents (DNA, RNA, Protein extraction, purification, identification and analysis)
Microbial growth media (over 400 different formulations for bacteriology and general microbiology)
Histology reagents (Histoclear clearing agent etc)
Scintillation Cocktails (including the ecoscint range)

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