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Agendia is part of the personalized medicine revolution, striving to bring more effective, individualized treatments within reach of patients. At Agendia, we know that cancer is a genetic disease. Without understanding the genetics of a tumor, you can’t treat it. Knowing this, we developed an advanced genomics platform for tumor gene expression profiling and built microarray assay tests that can determine whether an individual patient is at high or low risk for breast or colon cancers recurrence, helping physicians more accurately tailor cancer treatments.

In addition to its focus on breast and colon cancers, Agendia has several genomic tests under research and development focusing on other cancers such as lung cancer. Agendia also collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to develop personalized drugs in the area of oncology.

Agendia’s mission is to finally make personalized medicine a reality and bring high caliber innovation from research bench to bedside as efficiently as possible to benefit patients now, rather than in ten years.

The BluePrint Molecular Subtyping Profile combined with the patient's MammaPrint test...

MammaPrint Provides Individualized Metastasis Risk Assessment for Your Breast Cancer ...

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