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Xiril’s Neon 150 serves high throughput needs and is the perfect choice for your ta...

Are you looking for a new pipetting partner for daily reliable assistance in your lab...

Our competence – a team with a proven record of experience in the field of liquid han...

Clever and unique automation that speaks PCR Setup! Automated liquid handling and...

The Thermo-ShakeX ELM – working reliable, smooth and quet on a Xiril liquid handlin...

Company Profile

Xiril AG was founded in 2001 by a team of experts with more than 25 years liquid handling experience who are committed to the development of automated systems and solutions for Life Science and Diagnostic applications.

Xiril Robotic Workstations address the cost pressure in modern high throughput labs. They also present the long-awaited affordable solution for the mid- to low-end pipetting markets where bench space is often costly and budgets limited.

Xiril AG is based in the "Pipetting Valley" of Hombrechtikon, Switzerland and is represented across the globe through a global distribution network covering most relevant markets.

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