Wealtec is a quality manufacturer focusing on life science laboratory equipment.

With products ranging from basic laboratory apparatus such as mini centrifuges and block heaters, to electrophoresis equipment and sensitive imaging systems, Wealtec’s ambition is to provide life science labs at various levels with an all-round solution to everyday laboratory equipment needs. With extensive know-how in electronic engineering, Wealtec also specialises in providing customers around the world with tailor-made electronics solutions for various applications. Wealtec’s dedication is to produce high quality, reliable and easy to use equipment used in an everyday laboratory setting. Products include the bench-top E-centrifuge, SpectroArt 200 UV-Vis spectrophotometer, horizontal and vertical electrophoresis-related products, a wide range of incubators (block heater, cooler, water baths and incubation oven), the ELITE-series of power supply and the Dolphin series of image systems. In addition to current products, new and updated products are constantly being developed. Wealtec provides products directly to customers under the Wealtec brand via distributor’s located world wide. Moreover, Wealtec also has long running OEM/ODM contracts with world leading suppliers of laboratory equipment.

Wealtec's products meet CE certification and European safety standards EN61010-1. As a ISO 9001 certified company, Wealtec ensures great and reliable product quality.

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