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VLifeMDS Molecular Design Suite
VLifeMDS (Molecular Design Suite), is a computational chemist’s workbench for computer aided drug design (CADD) and molecule disc...

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VLife QSARpro
QSARpro software is designed for identifying the relationship activity with structural parameters and its analysis. What QSAR...

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SCOPE, Structure-based compound optimization prioritization and evolution is an innovation from VLife to overcome challenges in lead optimi...

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GQSAR (group based QSAR) is a patent pending methodology developed by VLife that simplifies the conventional QSAR approaches by mitigating ...

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Company Profile

VLife is a leading scientific solutions provider offering a new drug discovery perspective through VLifeMDS® and QSARpro® software. VLife provides high performance, accurate and reliable solutions for improving productivity in drug and molecular discovery.

VLife's products are benchmarked as 'Best in Class' for a wide spectrum of critical research objectives and functionalities.

VLife Technology Applications: 
  • New Molecule Design
  • Fragment based approach
  • Protein structure analysis
  • Active site analysis
  • Homology modeling
  • Pharmacophore identification
  • Conformer generation
  • Combinatorial library
  • Property visualization
  • Docking
  • QSAR analysis
  • Database querying
  • Virtual screening 
  • AutoQSAR 
  • Scaffold Hopping
  • Lead Optimization