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Ovation M
Ovation M models combine ergonomic performance with a conventional analog volume setting capability. The contoured shape and ...

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Reusable Reagent Reservoir Cooler
VistaLab's reusable reagent reservoir cooler is a custom-fit companion for our 100mL reagent reservoirs. Manufactured with no...

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Disposable 25uL Divided Reagent Res...
VistaLab's sturdy 25mL disposable reagent reservoirs have been redesigned with trimmed base corners, deeper pour-off spouts for spill-free ...

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Ovation Adjustable 20-200µL Volume ...
Ovation Adjustable Volume 20-200µL Pipettes Adjustable volume models allow five of the laboratory’s most frequently-used volumes to be ...

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Ovation 12 Channel 850ul Pipettes
Ovation 12 Channel 850µl Pipettes These multichannel pipettes are ideally suited to the complex demands of research and higher throughp...

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Company Profile

VistaLab Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company with manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Brewster, New York. The Company’s experience in liquid handling products originated in the early 1970’s as part of Medical Laboratory Automation, Inc., when a mechanical pipette was developed for use in conjunction with the company’s automated coagulation instruments. MLA pipettes have become one of the most respected brands in the field of laboratory science. In 1999, the coagulation product line was divested, and VistaLab Technologies, Inc. was formed as an independent entity to focus on the liquid handling market. The Company is an ISO 9001 certified facility, and employs quality systems to continuously improve its products and services.