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The Atlas Calorimeter is high performance, low cost and easy to use. Using either He...

Based on an Atlas Potassium, the Atlas Reaction Monitoring system includes additional...

Based on an Atlas Potassium, the Atlas Gravimetric Dosing system allows a defined mas...

The Atlas Syringe Pump is a versatile volumetric dosing system that consists of two s...

Atlas Potassium is designed for chemists who perform reactions in jacketed reactors. ...

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Syrris creates automated products for research and development chemists and is a world leader in flow chemistry, microreactor and automation technology. We also develop applications and products in partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies, technology IP owners and instrument manufactures.
Find out how we could work with you. Syrris products include flow chemistry systems (FRX and Africa) and batch reactors (Atlas).

Syrris, based in Royston, UK and Charlestown, MA, USA was formed in 2001 by the directors, Mark Gilligan and Richard Gray.

The company employs over 25 people dedicated to designing and manufacturing novel products for chemists. Syrris??products have applications in many industries including pharmaceutical, petrochemical, environmental and academic research.

Syrris is proud to have a large customer base including the vast majority of major pharmaceutical companies, CROs and biotechnology companies.

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