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Gel imaging for fluorescence and visible applications The G:BOX F3 is the Syngene ...

For high performance imaging, the new generation of G:BOX Chemi gel doc systems prov...

Syngene InGenius3 - Manual gel documentation systems InGenius3 is the perfect ch...

The G:BOX Chemi XRQ gel doc system features a next generation CCD camera which ...

For high performance imaging, the new generation of G:BOX Chemi gel doc systems prov...

Company Profile

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and with a subsidiary operation in Frederick, Maryland, Syngene is a world leader in gel documentation (gel doc) and analysis systems, ranging from low cost entry level kits to fully computer controlled automatic analysers for fluorescence, chemiluminescence and proteomics workstations.

  • Gel documentation (gel doc) and image analysis systems for DNA and protein gels.
  • Chemiluminescence and fluorescence systems for Western blots and probes.
  • Proteomics hardware and software for 2D gel electrophoresis (2DGE).

    Syngene systems are used by more than 10,000 research organisations and over 50,000 individual scientists world-wide. Customers include many of the world?? top pharmaceutical companies and major research institutes. In addition to systems and software solutions, Syngene also provides technical expertise and extensive service support for its products.

    Syngene, founded in 1997 is a division of the Synoptics group. The other divisions, Syncroscopy and Synbiosis, specialise in digital imaging solutions for microscopy and microbial applications respectively. The Group uses sophisticated distribution channels to market its products with a global network of over 70 dealers and OEM partners.

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