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A complete foundation for faster, automated workflows in the chemicals and pharmace...

Company Profile

Symyx is a global leader in helping companies maximize the effectiveness and success of their R&D programs. Our unique approach integrates electronic lab notebook and execution and analysis software, lab automation and breakthrough materials technology. Symyx develops and applies informatics and high-throughput research technologies for the entire R&D process, from early discovery through development to commercialization. By partnering with us, purchasing our hardware or licensing our software, companies can leverage our industry-level investments in Symyx Labs, Software and Tools to improve their R&D execution.

In Symyx Labs, our scientists, engineers, and software programmers work on behalf of customers to discover and optimize materials. Employing our proprietary technology methods, high-throughput workflows that automate complete lab processes, and software, they are creating new breakthroughs in laboratory performance and materials discovery.

Symyx Software
Symyx Software combines experiment design, execution and decision-support to provide a unique solution that saves time for scientists while providing information transparency to the business. Designed by scientists for scientists, Symyx Software is at work in the world's leading R&D organizations, where it is helping to deliver breakthrough results.

Symyx Tools
Symyx Tools provide R&D workflows to automate complete lab processes, increasing testing capacity by 10-100 times. Symyx Tools integrate Symyx materials handling and analytical instrumentation with third-party equipment in order to combine experimental procedures and unify data management. Running up to 384 high-content experiments in parallel across automated instrumentation with integrated control and analytics, Symyx Tools give scientific teams the breakthrough capabilities needed to compete.

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