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TipOne® pipette tips with UltraPoint orifice and flexible tip collar. Intelligent ...

Lightweight and extremely easy to use, ErgoOne ® Pipettes can be trusted to provid...

An extremely soft and strong glove that provides improved tactile sensitivity to hel...

Made from optically, celar premium grade polystyrene. Available with tissue culture ...

The patented, innovative CytoOne® Bottle Top Filtration Units feature a High Flow V...

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STARLAB is a manufacturer and distributor of quality plastic laboratory consumables, including the succesful TipOne pipette tip range - the one tip system for all your laboratory's needs. STARLAB is based in Germany, UK, France and Italy, and has a network of distributors selling its products throughout the world.

STARLAB's success is founded on its expertise in automated injection moulding processes for the manufacture of high quality laboratory consumables for research and development. STARLAB manufactured products are in daily use in laboratories throughout the world and have a proven track record of performance and reliability. Quality Control procedures are second to none, ensuring the highest possible levels of cleanliness with all products certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free.


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