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TipOne® pipette tips
TipOne® pipette tips with UltraPoint orifice and flexible tip collar. Intelligent Quality from STARLAB. What do you call it, ...

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Small enough to fit on your benchtop for your own personal use. The strip rotor accepts either 16 single or two 8-strip 0.2 m...

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Single & Dual Block Dry Bath Heatin...
Dry bath, wet bath! Designed for a wide variety of applications, including restriction digests, denaturing DNA, NUB, melting agar, coa...

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Mini Dry Bath Incubator
A small but powerful unit suitable for a range of applications: Restriction digests, denaturing DNA, NUB, coagulation studies, in-situ hyb...

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Orbital Shaker
The orbital shaker has two operating modes: continuous or timer. The digital speed and timer displays ensures ease of use. It provides...

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Manufacturer and distributor of quality plastic laboratory consumables, including the succesful TipOne pipette tip range - the one tip system for all your laboratory's needs.