Singulex enables critical research about disease and therapeutic intervention by providing cutting edge immunodiagnostic products and personalized services.

Singulex, Inc. has pioneered single-molecule counting technology that can quantitatively measure single molecules such as proteins and metabolites directly in complex biological samples without abundant protein stripping techniques. We provide instrumentation and immunoassays with the requisite sensitivity and specificity to enable biomarker discovery and validation for drug safety and efficacy.

In addition, we focus on advancing industry-leading sample analysis and custom assay development services. Our team of scientists are experts in the field of immunoassay development and our manufacturing department ensures that products are produced with the highest standards.

Leveraging upon the Singulex technology, our CVMedHome Offering empowers physicians and patients to better manage heart health with a unique cardiovascular wellness management program. The CVMedHome offering includes enhanced cardiovascular profiling services featuring ultrasensitive Sgx HD™ immunoassays, a personalized wellness program, and online interactive management tools.