Scie-Plas Ltd

At Scie-Plas our mission is simple - to provide our customers with everything they need for electrophoresis: whether it's a gel tank for a specific application, a gel documentation system, a power supply, or chemicals and buffers.

Here are a few good reasons to choose Scie-Plas...

Devoted to R&D
- each product is researched and tested extensively during its development - by end-users with expertise in the relevant electrophoresis technique

State-of-the-art fabrication technology - ensures that all products are made to the highest specification to guarantee long-life, strength and versatility

Customisable - fabrication techniques allow the design, style and dimensions of each electrophoresis unit to be altered easily and inexpensively to suit your own personal requirements

Championing safety - because we pioneered the Low Voltage Directive 20 years ago, all electrophoresis units are fully CE-certified for electrical safety

Customer satisfaction - we always strive to achieve total customer satisfaction, offering full post-sales support with our unique 3-YEAR warranty

And more

   i. ISO9001 accredited since 1996
   ii. A UK distributor of SERVA electrophoresis chemicals, and Techne and Biostep products
   iii. We are the largest manufacturer of electrophoresis and radiation protection products in Europe