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Protea's Ultrapure MALDI Matrices are all recrystallized matrices for matrix-assiste...

Progenta™ Acid Labile Surfactants (ALS) feature novel, acid cleavable chemistries th...

Utilizing advances in microfluidic technology, the GPR-850 has been developed to rev...

Protea offers cell lysis products to help you prepare your sample for downstream app...

Using Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization (LAESI) technology native sample analys...

Company Profile

Protea is a leader in the emerging field of Bioanalytics. The company develops new technology for the identification, characterization, and quantitation of biologically-important molecules for basic research, pharmaceutical development, and diagnostic applications.

Bioanalytics is the direct identification and characterization of the products of all living cells, including proteins, lipids, metabolites and nucleic acids. Bioanalytics is emerging as a crucial area, where new technology is needed to support the future of medical research, and virtually every other field of life science research.

We develop new bioanalytical methods that enable the direct analysis of proteins and other biomolecules, and apply our capabilities to support your laboratory's research objectives.

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