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All Priorclave autoclaves carry one of the most supportive Service and Warranty agre...

Proven build quality and reliability plus a chamber with a taller profile than that ...

The QCS range of autoclaves is one of the most versatile and cost efficient steam st...

Priorclave Benchtop Autoclaves offer the flexibility of larger models for the smalle...

Priorclave Benchtop Autoclaves offer the flexibility of larger models for the smalle...

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Since its foundation in 1988 by staff with many years experience in the laboratory industry, Priorclave has grown to become one of the UK's premier manufacturers of Laboratory Autoclaves. The present premises in South East London have been enlarged over the years to provide over 2,500 M2 of manufacturing space. Priorclave's Manufacturing Policy has always been to re-invest significant amounts of its profits into Product Development and Manufacturing systems and equipment.

Priorclaves are manufactured using modern CNC equipment, allowing Priorclave to respond quickly to its customer demands for high quality, cost effective equipment. At Priorclave the aim is to manufacture as many components as possible in-house giving close control over quality and manufacturing times. Priorclave are an approved manufacturer of Pressure vessels for autoclaves with manufacturing processes and designs carefully scrutinised by Zurich Insurance in addition to a BS EN ISO9001 Quality System.

Priorclave is proud of its history as an innovator in the field of Laboratory Autoclaves and on its ability to introduce new ideas and processes into the Laboratory Autoclave market. Where they lead so often others follow: Low loading heights, compact designs, modular construction for easy upgrading, thermal safety lock on all models, full microprocessor control across the whole range, media warming, vacuum assisted cooling, application led literature.These now mostly commonplace features were introduced by Priorclave to the UK autoclave market.

To continue to provide the best Quality for its customers Priorclave are fully committed to: - Operation of an ISO9001 Quality System - Full EMC Compliance Testing - Monitored approval of vessel design and welding procedures - Continued investment in new technology - Continued development of products, keeping quality conscious laboratories at the cutting edge of technology - Design of equipment that is reliable, easy to operate and good value for money - Continued use of the best materials available. For instance, Priorclave pressure vessels are only made from grade 316L stainless steel for its superior corrosion resistance over other grades. - Maintaining a dedicated Service & Technical Support Team - UKAS Accreditation as a Calibration Laboratory

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