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DART® Ion Mobility Spectrometer
DART® Ion Mobility Spectrometer The new DART® Ion Mobility Spectrometer is a completely integrated benchtop instrument equipped...

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Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) Ana...
The new PHOTONIS Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) Analyzer is a complete integrated assembly for simplified IMS analysis that fea...

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NOCTURN Digital Low-Light CMOS Came...
Surveillance Imaging for 24/7 Lighting Conditions NOCTURN Camera provides a simple, compact solution to 24/7 imaging requirements acro...

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Image Intensifiers
PHOTONIS makes a variety of image detection and intensification products which can be used in medical, industrial, and scientific applicati...

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Microchannel Plates
PHOTONIS is the industry leader in technology advancements for Microchannel Plates (MCPs). We offer a broad range of sizes, shapes and opti...

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Company Profile

PHOTONIS is a multi-national high-technology group with more than 40 years experience in manufacture, sales, and innovation of specialized photo-sensor and electro-optic technologies. The PHOTONIS Group operates internationally in the Night Vision, Industrial, Scientific, Medical and Imaging markets. PHOTONIS USA designs and manufactures a wide range of custom and standardized components and assemblies for mass spectrometry as well as other medical, bio-medical and scientific instruments, and holds several patents in these fields.