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Z—Series Depth Filter Sheets
Z series depth filters have been developed for applications demanding excellent filtration removal efficiency with maximum filtrat...

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T—Series Depth Filter Sheets
The T series depth filter sheets from Pall includes 10 different retention rates. Grades T 120 to T 950 are used for clarifying f...

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Supradisc™ HP Depth Filter Mod...
High-performance Cell Clarification Depth Filters Pall Supradisc™ HP modules include two; full thickness; graded; high efficiency;...

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Supracap™ 60 Depth Filter Modu...
The Pall Supracap™ 60 filter capsule is specifically designed for applications where the use of a depth filter with a small surface ...

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Supracap™ 200 Encapsulated Dep...
The Supracap 200 depth filter capsule provides all the features and benefits of the Supradisc and Supradisc II modules in a single-use, dis...

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Company Profile

About Pall
Pall is a leading global provider of filtration, purification, and separation technologies to the diverse and rapidly expanding life sciences market. Its products are used from the earliest stages of discovery and development of new drugs, through production and delivery of therapies for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

In the laboratory, Pall products help facilitate the drug discovery and development process to get innovative drugs to the market faster. In biopharmaceuticals, Pall products are applicable to laboratory- and pilot-scale development, aseptic processing, biologicals bioprocessing, fermentation and downstream processing. In medical and transfusion medicine, Pall is a market leader in blood filtration systems to improve the quality and safety of the world?? blood supply, and in medical filters that enhance the safety of cardiac surgery, drug delivery, intravenous feeding and accuracy of diagnostic tests.

Major Products
Pall Life Sciences provides membrane and membrane devices to optimize detection and sample preparation in basic drug research, clinical diagnostics, combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening, as well as in the growing genomics and proteomics markets.
In pharmaceutical and bioprocess manufacturing, Pall offers full capability in chromatography and filtration. Pall's direct and tangential flow filtration technologies are used for biomass removal, clarification, particulate and bioburden reduction, prefiltration, sterile filtration of liquids and gases, mycoplasma, prion and virus clearance, endotoxin and DNA removal, and biomolecule purification and concentration. Products range from small laboratory- scale devices to large automated systems and filter test instruments. Pall's chromatography range includes membrane chromatography products already used on licensed products in the US and Europe, chromatography columns ranging from small pilot to fully engineered state-of-the-art columns, with fully automated axial compression packing up to 2.3 meters, packing and control systems, and full range of BioSepra media for ion exchange, affinity, hydroxy-apatite, hydrophobic charge induction, and size exclusion chromatography.

Pall's Scientific and Laboratory Services, and Validation Laboratory groups have been a cornerstone of support to its customers for more than 30 years. We employ more than 400 scientists, engineers and technicians in the America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.