NuAire, Inc.

NuAire is recognized universally as the leader in providing laboratory professionals with reliable products for the most demanding environments.

NuAire's Biological Safety Cabinets offer maximum personnel, product and environmental protection with true Laminar Airflow, HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow System, State-of-the-Art Electronic Systems, along with Ergonomic Design.

CO2 AutoFlow Incubators offer the highest level of performance and dependability for optimum growth conditions, designed with the most advanced features available for research and laboratory work using in-vitro models of in-vivo environments.

The exterior shell and interior walls of NuAire's Ultralow Freezers are constructed of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel. This conducts temperature more efficiently than stainless steel, creating less stress on compressors making them run cooler and lasting longer than competitors or comparable cabinets.

NuAire offers a wide range of laboratory products with a variety of complementary products and systems to serve the needs of the world's laboratory community. NuAire's unique features make our products an excellent choice - Products that last longer and work better, at an overall lower cost.