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Our company started trading as an independant company in December 1994, but our history dates back to the 1950's with the original Koch-Light Laboratories, with a takeover by genzyme in the 70's, and by New Brunswick Scientific in 1987 who refocussed the business towards Life Science. NBS Biologicals was aquired privately in 1994 and has been trading from the Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire premises since then. We still supply many of the former Koch-Light products, as well as a comprehensive range of other speciality reagents and products for research laboratories worldwide.

Brands and Key Products Offered by NBS Biologicals include:

AMRESCO - Life Science Research Products eg. electrophoresis, proteomics and genomics
DOJINDO - Proteomics, Cell Biology, SAMS and other research products
SPECTRUM - Dialysis and Filtration
Dynamic Adsorbents - Silicas and Aluminas
Plastics - leur fittings etc.
SafeView - safer and economical alterntive to ethidium bromide

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