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An industry leader and innovator in laboratory data integration and management solutions, Labtronics combines advanced software and unparalleled data integration expertise to help customers derive more value from their laboratory data. Our proven solutions result in strategic benefits for our customers:

• Release raw materials into production sooner
• Expedite release of finished product from QA/QC
• Decrease laboratory operating costs
• Improve laboratory productivity
• Lower cost regulatory compliance

Manual data input is extremely inefficient. There are delays in getting the information into your management systems and the accuracy is always suspect due to transcription errors. Those companies at the forefront of their industries know that they must leverage advances in computer technology to share data within the enterprise and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of that data. Labtronics has developed some of the most advanced laboratory data integration and management solutions in the world. Other technologies can interface your instruments to your management system, which will provide efficiency savings. But none of them have the advanced data management solutions available from Labtronics. The real value is not just efficiently moving the data, but ensuring that the data is accurate and timely so that you can make real-time decisions with confidence.

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