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Pilot Scale CoolSafe PRO Large Capa...
CoolSafe 95/55-80 models are designed for pilot scale, vial or bulk freeze drying protocols with large 80 litre condensers and ful...

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XS & XL Research CoolSafe PRO Labor...
CoolSafe PRO CoolSafe PRO Superior 100-9 XS & 95-15 XL fully Automatic research freeze drying systems that incorporate the highest...

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CoolSafe PRO Bench-Top Freeze Dryers
CoolSafe PRO the optimal freeze dryers with full display, control and measurement of temperature and pressure. Freeze drying in chambers wi...

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CoolSafe Basic Bench-Top Freeze Dry...
CoolSafe Basic Freeze Dryers offer seamless stainless steel condensers with external cooling coils and a choice of temperature options of -...

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ScanCool Snowbird Ultra Low Tempera...
ScanCool Snow-Bird…Ultra Freezer The under-bench/ personal, -90°C Ultra-Freezer, that offers complete sample security, convenience and r...

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Company Profile

LaboGene is a Danish Company that specializes in the design, development, manufacture and sales of laboratory and industrial equipments in the fields of Clean Air & Laminar Flow, Vacuum & Cooling, Centrifugation and Environmental control.

The ScanCell-Caron range of CO2 Incubators, Plant Growth & Environmental Chambers from LaboGene brings a new dimension to cell culture and environmental sciences by offering innovative design, complete sample security together with the integration of advanced monitoring technologies. ScanCell-Caron represents the best in Incubator design and Cell Culture technology for your laboratory and research protocols.

LaboGene introduces ScanConstruct the marquee that symbolises the best in design & build solutions for your specific clean-air requirements. ScanConstruct, with over 30 years experience in bespoke modular constructions, offers the best in clean air and contamination control services.

LaboGeneTM introduces ScanLaf, the name that epitomizes the ultimate in the design, innovation and energy saving technologies, in the manufacture of Clean Air and Biological Safety cabinets that are available for today's laboratories.


ScanSpeed a range of centrifuges of distinction from LaboGene from simple separation to sequencing, discover the ideal centrifuge and accessories for your every day needs and your research programs from the ScanSpeed range. A revolution in centrifuge design and quality is the hallmark of ScanSpeed Centrifuges.

ScanVac, the name that epitomizes the best in Freeze Drying & Vacuum Concentration equipments for the laboratory, research and pilot plant protocols. All models are complimented by a complete and diverse range of innovative accessories and options.

ScanCool the brand that describes a range of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers for sample storage offering a choice of Chest or Upright models from 100 to 600 litres capacity. Environmentally friendly and energy saving design concepts are standard features of all units in the ScanCool range.

The ChillSafe range of cooling & cryogenic baths and circulators with capacities of 8 to 18 litres and temperatures from -30 ºC to -90 ºC completes the ScanCool offering.

Having been involved in the design and manufacture of world renowned cabinets and work stations for IVF applications for over 25 years, ORIGIO ScanLab Equipment a/s today lays claim to being the market leader in this specialised discipline that is the "Science of life." ORIGIO ScanLab Equipment a/s is a joint venture of ORIGIO a/s and LaboGene ApS.