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SDmatic - standardised tool that is indispensable for rapid, simple, accurate and reliable analysis...

Alveograph - Analyze the plastic quality of wheat and flour against international references. ...

Mixolab® System - Measures dough mixing characteristics as well as protein and starch quality. ...

The Fibertherm , a product manufactured by Gerhardt, is a closed and fully automated processing sys...

VAPODEST 45 is a programmable distillation system with an external titrator, manufactured by Gerha...

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Bringing you World Leader in Analysis and Measurement. Lab Synergy is the North American distributor for leading manufacturers of laboratory instruments.

Lab Synergy and our suppliers have extensive knowledge in applications and the products to support them.

Product ranges cover the fields of food and agriculture, pharmaceutical and biotech, water and wastewater, plating, textiles, environmental, plastics and polymers, oil and petroleum, paper and pulp, specialty chemicals, academia and industry.

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