Kromatek is the exclusive distributor of the following products for Electrochemistry, Chromatography and Spectroscopy
  • FTIR and infrared accessories from Pike Technologies
  • Biologic electrochemistry products and Fuel Cell testing
  • Solvent safety and solvent management products from SCAT Europe
  • Disposable Fluorescence cuvettes and related products from Aline?
  • High quality optical quartz cuvettes for UV to IR measurement
  • FineView Spectroscopy microtitre plates
  • Nano to Prep HiQSil columns from KYA-Tech
  • Chromatography Data Systems and Method Development software from Datalys
  • NanoLC systems for NanoLC-MS for any mass spec vendor from KYA-Technologies
  • Electrochemistry and fuel cell testers from Biologic
  • Stopped flow kinetics spectroscopy from Biologic
  • Polymer analysis products including columns, standards, software and instrumentation from PSS
  • Vacuum online degasser for HPLC from Sanwa Tsusho
  • Fraction collectors from Advantec

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