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FASTCell Meta-Keratin Surface Coati...
The FASTCell™ product line makes use of KeraFAST's proprietary human keratin biomaterials, which can be used in place of tissue cu...

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FAST®Slide Protein Microarrays
FAST® Pre-Arrayed Assay Kits KeraFAST offer several Protein Microarrays; FAST Slides pre-arrayed with important content for y...

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Glycofect™ Transfection Reagent
Glycofect is a new DNA carrier that elicits low cytotoxic response coupled with high delivery efficiency and transgene expression. Glycofec...

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Peptides and Derivatives
Peptides and Derivatives KeraFAST offer a wide range of peptides and their derivatives. These include:   •  Angiotensin II   •  BI...

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Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Reagents
The KeraFAST laboratory studies the structure, assembly, and pathogenesis of enveloped RNA viruses. These projects are focused on vesicular...

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Company Profile

The KeraFAST Division of KeraNetics LLC is committed to providing the next generation of research tools to life science laboratories worldwide. KeraFAST is an emerging leader in the application of FASTCell™ keratin protein technologies for cell culture systems and in FAST™ Slide protein microarrays, additionally providing a broad assortment of unique bioreagents, buffers, solutions and labware in its MaineSpring™ KeraFAST® and The Investigator® Annexe® offerings.

Headquartered in Winston- Salem, North Carolina, with an additional location in Sanford, Maine, KeraFAST is proud to offer through our e-commerce portal an extensive portfolio of innovative research products and services that are not available elsewhere.

KeraFAST's parent, KeraNetics LLC, is a biomaterials company focused on creating cost effective keratin-based products for regenerative medicine and acute and chronic tissue injury. ( KeraNetics holds exclusive license rights to 22 patents on production methods and fields of use for keratin-based applications based on the work of Mark Van Dyke, Ph.D., the Company Chief Science Officer and Board Member, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), and one of world leaders in use of keratin for medical applications.

KeraFAST® innovative FASTCell™ cell culture products are produced under license from WFIRM under the Van Dyke patents. KeraFAST® FAST™ Slide protein microarrays are produced under license from Whatman/GE Healthcare. Products in The Investigator's Annexe TM may be proprietary to the organizations from which they originate.