The INHECO Measurement Plate (IMP) is a compact and precise measurement tool in SBS format for veri...

The INHECO Automated Hotel is an automated and compact 12 position incubator for standard SBS dispo...

The INHECO Incubator Shaker MP is an automated and compact incubating and shaking position for one ...

The Variomag Thermoshake is one of the most compact heated and cooled shaking positions for a wide ...

The Variomag Teleshake 95 is one of the most compact heated shaking positions for a wide range of s...

Company Profile

Compact Chilling / Heating / Shaking units for Robotic Systems in LabAutomation.

INHECO is a leading worldwide supplier of precision liquid handling equipment, laboratory automation and medical lab applications, both as standard products as well as customer specific OEM solutions.

INHECO is located in the German “Biotech Valley” of Martinsried/Munich.

Our products serve customers in academic and private research laboratories, pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic companies and governmental institutions.

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